Saturday, April 15, 2006


I took Home Base to help build a house and help people in need. I have learned valuable skills that will help me in the future with home improvements. Next year I will attend The Ohio State University and major in business. I also have been accepted to the Politics, Society, and Law Scholars program.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I originally took homebase because I love physical activity and despise being cooped up indoors. The fact that I get to learn more about construction and help a family in need is a great bonus. This is not my first constuction-related experience, as I worked with a family friend on building a horse barn a few years ago. So far, my favorite tasks on site include anything that is done on the roof, or at least not on ground level.

When I'm not stuck in school or in homebase, you can find me at the barn where I board my horses. I am a lifelong rider and have been competing for many years. My goal is to eventually have my own stable and program.

I also LOVE going to concerts. I listen to rock and heavy metal music most of the time, but I like any type of music. I also like food. Food is good.

Have a GREAT day!!!


I enjoy taking home base because I want to know how to build a house. My favorite memory is working on the baffeling. My dream car is a 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang. My best memory of Home Base so far is bowling a 135. I also had a lot of fun cutting OSB. In the fall I will be attending Bellarmine University to play lacrosse. It is a small Catholic Liberal arts school, located in Louisville, Kentucky. But before I go I want to win that State Championship for lacrosse. I can't wait for the UA game too. Station


I took home base to learn the process of building a house. My favorite memory was putting up dry wall with Ryan and CJay. In the spring I am going to play rugby.


Brandon is taking home base because he likes the physical part of the learning process. My favorite moment was putting together the closet. I am 6'4", a cancer, single, and enjoys taking long walks on the beach.I also play football, basketball and lacrosse. In the picture, I'm installing siding with Jim, one of our mentors.


I am taking home base because I wanted to learn how to build a house. My favorite moment was building the flood deck on the second floor. next fall I plain on going to Ohio University and major in civil engineering. I also might play on the club lacrosse team at OU.

C- Jay

I am taking home base because I like doing stuff with my hands and working. My favorite moment was putting up dry wall with Ben and Dew. I am interested in fashion.


I took Home base to help people in poverty and give people a chance to be productive in their lives. My favorite memory was shingling the roof and odd jobs. I'm joining the Marine Corps. and love to off-road. Semper fi.

Directly after I graduate I'm leaving for Parris Island, SC for boot camp in the Marine Corps. 12 weeks after I get there I will be in The Marine Corps Reserve with Lima Company of the 325th battlion. Jeeps and the Marines are my life. HOO-RA!!!


I took homebase because I thought it would be really fun and exciting to build a house. I also like the idea of helping others in need. I have learned that building a house is not easy, but the fact that you learn something new everyday that will help you later in life is awesome. I have had quite an experience with the house this year so far, and I really enjoy the classmates that work with me. We all seem to have a good time. My favorite memory of homebase is at the very beginning of the year when we first learned how to put siding on a house and we were able to finish the garage fairly quickly. Next year I plan on going to Grand Valley State University to play soccer and hopefully major in Nursing.


I took home base to learn valuable construction skills and to help end poverty housing. I really enjoyed putting the roof on the garage. I look forward to going to site everyday because I love working outdoors, especially in nice weather. Next year I will play lacrosse at Gordon College.


I took this class because I am interested in the field of engineering and it looks good on a college application. My fondest memory was putting siding on the roof. I am avid bike rider.


I took HomeBASE because I wanted to help build houses for people in need. My fondest memory on site was finishing the garage siding with JJ and Crystal. I am a thrower on the track and field team and plan on studying business at Ohio University in the fall.


I took home base because I wanted to learn more about construction and because the people in the class are sweet. I think it is a possible profession later in my life. I love spending saturdays on site and learning all the intricacies of building. I especially enjoy intrepreting the plans and framing the walls. The picture is at dedication day. It was a very rewarding experience becasue we got a first hand look at what this house means to the family. Next year I will attend Miami University.


I took home base because I want to be an interior designer or architect. I will be attending OSU this fall and hope to study design/marketing. I work at JoAnn fabrics, so if you need any craft supplies, you know where to find me. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, usually going to concerts or eating something.


I took home base because I didn't want to take the easy way out of high school. Fondest memory of home base was hammering shingles on the roof. Something intersting about me is I got a Division one scholarship for soccer.

I was recently accepted into Ohio University, and will attend there next year. I believe I am goin to study Education or perhaps Biology. I just got back from Marco Island, where I spent all of my spring break, the weather was great and I had a bast. I cannot wait for graduation, and this summer. I plan on getting a summer job, hopefully at a pool somewhere. I have been working really hard for the last past couple of weeks on my school work trying hard no to slack off the last two quarters.


I decided to take HomeBASE because I wanted to help a family in need and to have an opportunity to learn outside the classroom. My favorite part so far was roofing on the first few days because it was warm and we all worked efficiently. I am very nature-oriented. I also have a lot of hair.


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When I joined this class, I didn't really know what to expect. I thought it would be cool to build a house, but I didn't really expect too much out of it. I guess the real reason I signed up for HomeB.A.S.E., is because I want to study architecture in college, so I figured this would be a good start. After we started working on the house, I found that people would come to me, asking me for advice and for ways to fix certain problems, and I was actually able to give them an answer! I had never done anything like this before, but there I was, telling people the best way to achieve their intended goal; the best way to build a house.
In the beginning of all of this, I was just here to build a house, but now I realize how much of an impact we are actually making, and I love it. Although we are doing such a great thing, and I really enjoy working on the house, I think the best thing about this class for me, is the way all of us have united into one, and dedicated ourselves to help make everything turnout positive. We had some problems for awhile, just trying to start the house. The thing is, we are working very hard to get this done, and even though we didn't really get started until after Christmas break, we will have this house finished before graduation. It amazes me, the kinds of things people can accomplish when they set their minds to it. This is definitely one of my best experiences, and it's not just something I will look back on and remember - from this class, I will walk away with a new set of friends, a greater feeling of accomplishment, and a few new morals to live by, compliments of Mr. Beck. "Do the common things, uncommonly well."

Ryan D

I wanted to take this class to help someone less fortunate than myself. Mybest memory was roofing the garage and doing the dry-wall with Ben and C-Jay. I play football, baseball and I am going to play baseball at Ohio State.

I want to be a part of ending poverty housing

- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
- Philippians 4:13

Ryan W.

Ryan wants to learn the business of building houses in home B.A.S.E. On site he enjoyed siding the house the most. He plays soccer and lacrosse.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience this year in HomeBASE class. Everything about building, and working with others to complete a goal, is satisfying to me. Certainly I have learned a lot while participating in the build, like practically approaching a situation while considering others in a team.

A little about myself:

I am attending OSU next school year and I will be studying Architecture. I am trying to finish out senior year without any major complications. I enjoy Chipotle, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Running, pets, and technology.

I hope everyone in HomeBASE finds success and has fun after graduation!